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SoundFeed is a B2B music licensing platform that connects labels, publishers, independent musicians, DJ’s and broadcasters, thus streamlining their existing licensing processes.


An amazing
licensing platform.

Labels find music available to license in their territory. To be specific, labels find ONLY music they can actually license. Soundfeed employs a process of selection, dictated by the licensor, to save the time spent by labels to search and find music that is available for them to license.

Soundfeed is easily accessible on desktop computers through any major web-browser and also as a mobile app on iOS and Android.

Data driven
fast decisions.

Up to date statistics enables you to take immediate decisions. Proprietary plaform statistics from industry stakeholders improve the way in which information is presented.

Future features include personalized alerts for tracks that pass individual benchmarks set by each label.

Accessible digital technologies changed the music industry throughout.

Soundfeed was primarily designed to save time. Every process was examined in detail and every unnecessary corner cut so that the platform is easy to learn and easier to use.

Immediate action.

Purposely designed to directly contact the licensor in no more than two clicks away from listening to a song. And since you already know the track is available for licensing in your territory and already have access to the statistics you need to decide, you can get straight to closing the deal.

Persistent by design.

Designed to make best efforts that all music gets feedback from the stakeholders while at the same time empowering them with enough control to prevent overload. Mobile app notifications enable users to never miss new music or when they receive messages or song shares.

Social with a purpose.

Sending music for licensing has never been easier, faster or more accurate. Licensors will never have to worry about writing long emails or proposals in order to stand out. Everyone is here for a single reason, to license music.

Lightning fast.

With priority on immediately finding songs available for licensing and even more emphasis on sending songs to labels, we’ve compared these processes to the current technologies and we’re certain to say that this will save great amounts of time, especially when used on a large scale.

Actionable data.

Don’t get lost in tons of data. Your time is important so we won’t fool you with tons of irrelevant smart looking data that you can’t take action on. We work hard on giving you only the golden nugget of actionable and revenue relevant data.

GDPR Safe Harbor.

SoundFeed is designed and developed to serve clear and transparent industry purposes. Our GDPR compliant processes will enable you to use, update and manage your private database in a data protection safe harbor.

We think there is no doubt that this IS the future of licensing.

The only question that follows, is who are the labels that will be the early adopters and get in the first position for more control.

November 2016

User interviews and market research.

December 2016

Prototyping and MVP development.

June 2017

Initial users on-boarding and technical testing.

September 2017

Web platform develpment started.

March 2018

Private release of version 1.0.

May 2018

Ongoing label onboarding, first 10 licensing deals completed.

October 2018

New features released, over 100 labels onboarded.

December 2018

strategic angel investors seed round.

February 2019

New features developed and implemented.

June 2019

Calls for next investment round.

2019 and beyond

Future development include: syndicated licensing, AI promo and licensing tools, publishing licensing, blockchain signature for licenses, masterand publishing shares, reporting transparency.

Driven by passion. Guided by experience.

We are talented, ambitious and like to share our knowledge. This leads to an ecosystem that continuously drives innovation and a strong data addiction.


Founder & CEO


co - Founder & Chief Blockchain Officer



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